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Blog - Tales from Stags' Leap

Located at the very heart of Stags Leap District, the Stags’ Leap Winery, established in 1893, continues a proud winemaking heritage in the prestigious appellation that bears the winery name. An intimate valley within the greater Napa Valley, Stags’ Leap is a place of natural beauty, storied buildings and gardens, a lively history, and a reputation for elegant wines showing finesse and intensity.

You’ll often hear that winemaking is both an art and a science. The maestro behind both is the winemaker. While a winemaker’s job differs slightly depending on the size of the winery and its processes, we’ll dive into the basics of what a winemaker does and how they get the job done.
Tasting wine is a journey that engages all the senses, where the interplay of sight, smell, and taste unfolds to create the full experience of the wine. Dive into the classic 4S tasting framework of see, swirl, sniff and sip to heighten your overall tasting experience.
Pair our latest release of The Leap Cabernet with tantalizing Greek Lamb Kebabs crowned with creamy Tzatziki Sauce. Dive into the harmonious interplay of rich, berry notes of the Cabernet complementing the succulent, aromatic flavors of the lamb.
Every bottle of wine owes its complex flavors and characteristics to a fascinating process called fermentation. This crucial stage in the winemaking process transforms humble grape juice into the wine that ends up in your glass. Here’s how the magic happens.
The journey of learning about wine is a lifelong pleasure. From learning about winegrowing to the sensory experience of wine to your palate, there is so much to explore. To help you start your journey, or as a refresher for the already knowledgeable, we’ll be exploring wine from A-Z, starting with the fundamentals of wine growing.
In celebration of the upcoming National Wine and Cheese Day on July 25th, we've carefully curated a guide to pairing some of Stags' Leap's most cherished wines - Viognier, Chardonnay, Petite Sirah, and Oakville Cabernet - with select summer cheeses.
At Stags' Leap, Petite Sirah Day is more than just a date on the calendar; it's a tribute to a varietal that holds a special place in our hearts. As we've journeyed through the vineyards and cellars, we've crafted and nurtured the essence of this bold and vibrant grape. Today, we invite you to celebrate with us. Dive deep into the world of Petite Sirah with our comprehensive guide that weaves its history, our legacy, and the captivating flavors that make every bottle a testament to our passion and dedication. Cheers to the magic of Petite Sirah!
If you've ever visited Stags' Leap Winery or are following us on social media, you may have noticed a particular flock of sheep meandering among the rows. These woolly companions are more than charming neighbors; they play an invaluable role in preserving our land.
Discover the perfect blend of literature and wine in our unique pairing guide. Explore the narratives of Stags' Leap wines and their harmonious companions in various book genres. Embark on a sensory journey of taste and imagination today.
Stags' Leap Winery guide to bocce ball. Gather your cherished friends and family for an afternoon of Stags' Leap wine, friendly competition, and delightful conversation amidst the breathtaking landscape.
Discover the magic of food and wine pairings this summer with Stags' Leap's 2020 Napa Valley Malbec. Unearth expert tips to elevate your dining experience!
Discover the art of winemaking with our behind-the-scenes look at the crafting of our 2022 Amparo Rosé. Unearth the secrets of our grenache vines, and explore the magic of rosé winemaking. Learn how this vintage's blend is perfected with a hint of Carignane, giving it a unique flavor profile. Plus, don't miss our exclusive Watermelon Basil Wine Cocktail recipe - a refreshing mix that expertly highlights the crisp, fruity notes of our Amparo Rosé. Perfect for summertime entertaining. Enjoy a wine tasting experience from vineyard to glass, and a cocktail that's sure to be a hit at your next gathering.