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Blog - Tales from Stags' Leap

Located at the very heart of Stags Leap District, the Stags’ Leap Winery, established in 1893, continues a proud winemaking heritage in the prestigious appellation that bears the winery name. An intimate valley within the greater Napa Valley, Stags’ Leap is a place of natural beauty, storied buildings and gardens, a lively history, and a reputation for elegant wines showing finesse and intensity.

We're taking inspiration from the wild-and-free spirit of the speakeasy to help you and your Dad try new things, learn more about each other, and make Father's Day an experience to remember.
If your dad’s down to shake it up, invite all your friends and family to a speakeasy-themed shindig, complete with costumes and hot jazz. If Dad’s a movie buff, turn it into a “Gatsby” viewing party. If you can’t all celebrate at the same location, stream it at home and share over video chat or social media.
When most people think of speakeasies, they picture New York or Chicago. But during Prohibition, all along the length of California, secret bars popped up in surprising locations. Behind false walls and doors, along secret tunnels, there was no end to proprietors’ ingenuity. It’s estimated there were over 2,000 of these under-the-radar establishments in Los Angeles alone. When the Volstead Act finally lifted at the end of 1933, some speakeasies even went legit and are still operating today, like ours at Stags' Leap Winery.
Whether you're playing 5-card stud, dancing, or mingling, easy-to-eat options are the way to go. Embrace the spirit of the speakeasy era by creating a buffet or platter for you and your loved ones. These popular party foods from the era are sure to "hit on all sixes." And for the perfect pairing, let Stags' Leap Winery help you match these delights with your favorite Stags' Leap wines.
In our exclusive Mother’s Day guide, you'll discover how to host a garden party complete with fun games, a collection of delectable recipes, and ideas for exploring and bonding with your mom in a beautiful setting. We believe that these moments shared with loved ones are the ones that create cherished memories for years to come. Whether you’re far apart or right next door, our tips will get you started on your way to a legendary celebration worthy of Mom.
Party of two? Or getting together with all the moms, sons, and daughters from across your friends-and-family circle? However you like to celebrate, a garden party is the perfect way to get the conversation—and fun—started. If you don’t have a garden, that’s ok. Bouquets of spring flowers on the windowsills will set the mood, too.
As Mother's Day approaches, we at Stags’ Leap Winery are excited to share a special guide that will make this occasion truly unforgettable for you and your mom.
Decluttering your wine collection involves thoughtful consideration about which bottles to keep, consume, or possibly remove from your cellar. Whether you're making room for new acquisitions or simply aiming to enhance the quality of your collection, here are some strategies to help you make informed decisions.
Proper wine storage is crucial for preserving the quality and extending the lifespan of your wines. Whether you're storing wine for short-term enjoyment or long-term aging, certain environmental factors must be considered to ensure each bottle remains in its best condition. Here's what you need to know about temperature, light, and humidity for optimal wine storage.
As we embrace the spirit of renewal that spring brings, it's the perfect time to organize and manage your wine collection. Whether you're a casual enthusiast or a serious collector, developing a basic system for tracking your wines can significantly enhance your enjoyment and understanding of what you have. Continue reading to learn how to start.
It's National Poetry Month, a time of year where we unfurl the scrolls of literary beauty and savor the whispers of verses that dance across the page like a ballet of words. And what better way to immerse ourselves in the art of poesy than by pairing each emotive piece with a glass of Stags’ Leap wine, harmonizing the lyrical flow of poetry with the elegant notes of Napa Valley's finest?
Wine—like poetry—is a libation that speaks to the soul. Just as a well-crafted verse can transport us to another world, a fine wine can evoke countless emotions and memories. At Stags' Leap Winery, the union of poetry and wine is not merely an aspiration; it is a cherished celebration of two art forms that have the power to transcend time and space. This National Poetry Month, we invite you to uncork your creativity, savor the spirit of the Stag, and join us in a poetic odyssey through the vineyards of Stags' Leap Winery.