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Stags' Leap Vineyard
Stags' Leap Harvest 2022

The Sensory Experience

Tasting wine is a journey that engages all the senses, where the interplay of sight, smell, and taste unfolds to create the full experience of the wine. Dive into the classic 4S tasting framework of see, swirl, sniff and sip to heighten your overall tasting experience. 

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Every bottle of wine owes its complex flavors and characteristics to a fascinating process called fermentation. This crucial stage in the winemaking process transforms humble grape juice into the wine that ends up in your glass. Here’s how the magic happens. 

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Wineamker Ludovic Dervin

The Role of the Winemaker

You’ll often hear that winemaking is both an art and a science. The maestro behind both is the winemaker. While a winemaker’s job differs slightly depending on the size of the winery and its processes, we’ll dive into the basics of what a winemaker does and how they get the job done. 

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Enjoy an intimate tasting experience that explores the history of the estate, its unique terroir, and its superlative wines.

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